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Salvation Army Mission and Values

The Salvation Army is an international Christian church. Its message is based on the Bible; its ministry is motivated by love for God and the needs of humanity.
Mission Statement
The Salvation Army exists to share the love of Jesus Christ, meet human needs and be a transforming influence in the communities of our world.
Core Values
There are three core values of our faith – Salvation, Holiness and Intimacy with God.
Rooted in these three values are the seven core operational values which guide all aspects of The Salvation Army in Canada & Bermuda.
Compassion: We reach out to others and care for them.
Respect: We promote the dignity of all persons
Excellence: We strive to be the best at what we do and a model for others to emulate.
Integrity: We are honest, trustworthy, and accountable.
Relevance: We are committed to the pursuit of innovation and effectiveness.
Co-operation: We encourage and foster teamwork and partnerships
Celebration: We give thanks by marking milestones and successes.

Eventide Mission

The Mission of The Salvation Army Hon. Ray & Helen Lawson Eventide Home is to provide comprehensive services for the spiritual, physical, emotional and social well-being of the individual. The Salvation Army Hon. Ray & Helen Lawson Eventide Home, in cooperation with the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care, is committed to providing holistic care for people requiring Residential Long-Term Care or Respite Care. These services will be embodied in Christian principles, values and ethics.

Eventide Philosophy

The Salvation Army Hon. Ray & Helen Lawson Eventide Home believes that the motivating force behind our mission, to care for residents, stems from the love of Christ for all people by: Responding with a “Resident Centered” approach to the unique needs of residents with respect for their individuality, dignity, privacy and personal worth Providing, within the available resources, the highest possible standard of care required to enhance or maintain optimum state of physical, psychological, social and spiritual well-being for the individual Utilizing community resources to assist with the holistic approach to care for the individual Providing a cheerful, family oriented, non-threatening, safe environment which will respond to human needs in a loving and caring fashion

Our Features

Our Facility

  • 60 private rooms and 20 semi private rooms
  • A secure living environment


  • 24-7 Professional Nursing Services
  • Medical Director - Dr. McGarry
  • Attending Physician - Dr. Manser
  • Onsite Physiotherapy
  • Podiatry Services
  • Dental Hygiene Services Provide by Smiles for Miles Click here for more information


  • Spiritual Care Services
  • Palliative Care Services
  • Personal Linen and Laundry Services
  • Housekeeping Services
  • Food Services with nutritious and appetizing meals


  • Recreational Therapy and Activity Programs
  • Hair Salon

Our Services

Admission Process

All Long-Term Care Homes are funded by the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care and governed by legislated standards. The Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care (MOHLTC) provides funding and pay rates. As of July 2018, the rates are as follows:
Type of Accommodation
For more admission information please contact CCAC (Community Care Access Centre).
Link to Welcome Booklet Coming Soon
If you are interested in a tour of our Home please call our Receptionist @ (905) 356-1221. Please NOTE: Tours are by APPOINTMENT only. We would prefer NOT to do “drop in” tours as this is the Residents’ Home and their needs must take precedence.

Nursing Department

Nursing Department: The Nursing Department is staffed 24 hours a day, 365 days per year. We have Registered Nurses, Registered Practical Nurses, and Personal Support Workers. Our Home consists of 3 floors with a variety of care levels on each. We have 60 private rooms and 20 double rooms. We are funded by the Ministry of Health for 100 long term care Residents and 1 respite Resident.
The Department also provides:
Occupational Therapy

The Nursing Department’s goal is for all Residents and their families to feel they are a part of the Eventide family. We strive daily to meet all care needs and provide the best quality of life for our Residents.

Spiritual & Religious Care Department:

Spiritual Care is an integral part of The Salvation Army Eventide Home. The Director of Spiritual Care is available to all residents to assist with emotional and spiritual needs. The services offered are:

  • Chapel Services three times per week
  • Facilitation of Catholic Mass (Weekly)
  • Facilitation of Holy Communion (Monthly)
  • Facilitation of Community Church Participation (Monthly)
  • Special services throughout the year: Palm Sunday, Good Friday, Easter Sunday, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Remembrance Day, Annual Candlelight Memorial & Christmas Service
  • Facilitation of reconnecting to ones community faith group
Participating in Spiritual Activities is optional for all residents and one of choice.

Recreation Department:

The Recreation Department at Eventide strives to enhance the quality of life of our residents by providing a wide variety of therapeutic recreation programs. We aim to nurture their spirit through the provision of resident-centered programming. The design, implementation and evaluation of these programs promote meaningful and independent leisure experiences through social, physical, spiritual, emotional and psychological activities. Our Monthly Activity Plan provides an active, busy calendar, full of variety. Programs include but are not limited to weekly entertainment, fitness programs, home cooking, active games, food socials, themed parties, movie & popcorn afternoons, brain stimulation activities, visiting pet therapy and one to one visitation. Our Home also provides a tuck-shop (coffee shop) where resident’s can enjoy socializing with other resident’s, family & friends all the while enjoying a cup of coffee or tea and a sweet treat or two! The shop also offers at a minimal cost items for purchase such as pop, chips, bars & candy. It is staffed by our dedicated group of volunteers.

Human Resources

The Salvation Army Hon. Ray & Helen Lawson Eventide Home is a unionized environment, working together with the Niagara Health Care & Service Workers Union Local 302 affiliated with the Christian Labour Association of Canada.  Our philosophy and practice is to foster and maintain a relationship which is in every respect conducive to the parties mutual well-being.
For employment opportunities, please send your resume to Human Resources via fax (905) 356-9609 , email: Resumes or to our mailing address:  5050 Jepson St., Niagara Falls, ON.  L2E 1K5

Environmental Services

Services include facility and equipment maintenance, laundry and housekeeping.
Resident rooms are furnished with a bed, night table, dresser and sitting chair.  We encourage personal items such as but not limited to pictures, phone, television, radio, books, etc. to help make the room as homely and comfortable as possible.
Prior to bringing larger personal furnishings we ask that you consult with the Director of Environmental Services due to safety reasons.

Food Services

The Food Services Department provides three well balanced nutritious meals per day plus three snacks throughout the day. All meals and snacks are developed using Canada’s Food Guide with consultation from our Dietitian. We provide two seasonal menu’s Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter offering a variety with two choices for each meal. We also cater to a variety of special diets and allergies as needed.
Family and Friends are welcome to join their love one for meals. Please note that reservations are required four hours prior to the start of any meal. Meal prices for visitors and hours are indicated below:
Breakfast – 8:30am
Lunch – 12:15 pm
Supper – 5:00 pm
Lunch $12.00
Supper $10.00
Special meals (Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Thanksgiving, Easter and Christmas) $15.00.

Eventide's Portfolio

Our Home

Private Room

Private Room

Private Room

Another Angle

Palliative Care Room

Palliative Care Room


Parklike setting in our backyard

Chapel Services


Parklike setting in our backyard

Recreation Baseball

Our spin on baseball

Home Cooking

Braided Bread at Easter

Braided Bread

Home Cooking making Easter Bread


Take a stroll along our parkway in our backyard.

Vegetable Garden

Recreation Department maintains and uses what is grown in various programs.

Music Therapy

Music Care Group

Full Hair Salon Onsite

Semi Private Room

Semi Private Room

Another Angle

Music Therapy

Mucic Care Group

Full Hair Salon Onsite


Making History Fun

Fish Pond

Relax to the soothing sound of pond.


Patio for Residents sit and relax in parklike setting

Summer BBQs

Resident BBQ Lunches


Engaging in some Niagara Falls History and Playing a favourite BINGO

Amazing Team

Lawson Eventide is looking for individuals who love working in a fast paced, friendly, resident centered environment. If you love to LOVE your job.... Eventide is the place for you! Job postings are updated regularly.

Resumes are now being accepted for casual positions in the following areas:

• Nursing (RN, RPN, PSW)
• Housekeeping
Interested candidates should forward their resume and cover letter to the attention of Employee Relations at Resumes

Looking to Volunteer....?

Volunteering may be one of the most valuable experiences in your life. “While women weep, as they do now, I'll fight; while children go hungry, as they do now I'll fight; while men go to prison, in and out, in and out, as they do now, I'll fight; while there is a drunkard left, while there is a poor lost girl upon the streets, while there remains one dark soul without the light of God, I'll fight, I'll fight to the very end!” William Booth - Founder of The Salvation Army Just imagine....Volunteering in a place that appreciates your time and welcomes you like you're at home.
Opportunities for volunteering include:
-Coffee Shop Clerk
-Assist with Activity Programs
-Special Yearly Events

Events and News

Eventidings Newsletter and Recreation Calendars
For your convenience, newsletter and calendars are provided in Portable Document Format (PDF). A PDF Reader is recommended.

Contact Us

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us and we will get back to as soon as possible.

Contact Info

The Salvation Army Hon. Ray & Helen Lawson Eventide Home
5050 Jepson Street
Niagara Falls, ON L2E 1K5
Phone: (905) 356-1221
Fax: (905) 356-9609